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Bali is one of the thousands of islands, which together the Republic of Indonesia. Due to its unique characteristics, Bali is a destination for tourists from around the world who have decided to settle in the tropical regions of Asia.

The province of Bali is between 8 ° 03?40 “-8 ° 50?48? south latitude and 114 ° 25?53 “- 115 ° 42?40? is the meridian. The border to the west is dominated by the Strait of Bali, the island between Java and the island of Java Wednesday, while the Strait of Bali is located in the eastern part of Bali, the island between the island of Lombok. Then, Indonesia and the ocean every Wednesday of Java is located in the south and the north of Bali. The mountain, which stretches from west to east the unique island divided into two parts. Two volcanoes, as a guide point in the height of Bali between the mountain range, Mount Batur (1171m) and Mount Agung (3140m).

The island of Bali is about 153 kilometers wide and 112 km in the north to the south (95 by 69 miles, respectively), with an area of 5632 sq km

The population
Based on the 2000 to the population of Bali, the island had 3146999 citizens.


Balinese (89%), Javanese (7%), Baliaga (1%), Madurese (1%).

Balinese and Indonesia are the most spoken languages in Bali, and like most Indonesians, the vast majority of Balinese are bi-or trilingual. There are several Balinese languages, but most Balinese can also use the widely discussed option: Common modern Balinese. English is a third common language and the most important foreign language many Balinese.

Unlike most majority of Muslims in Indonesia, approximately 93.18% of the population of Bali is the Balinese Hinduism, formed as a number of existing local faiths and Hindu influences from the continent of South-East Asia and South Asia. Religious minorities include Islam (4.79%), Christianity (1.38%), and Buddhism (0.64%). These statistics do not include official figures, the immigrants from other parts of Indonesia.

Bali has eight districts jointly Kabupatens, which of Badung, Bangli, Buleleng, Gianyar, Jembrana, Karangasem, Klungkung, and Tabanan. Of all these circles, Badung is the most famous and high population density, with Despansar as its capital.

Bali has a tropical climate all year round. The average temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius all year round. There are dry seasons and the rain – dry from April to September and wet from March to October – but it can rain in every season and also during the rainy season the rain can quickly. As a rule, from May to August are the best months in Bali. During the year, the climate can be fresh and light rain.

The most important holidays
Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi, Saraswati, Pagerwesi

Business Profile
Tourism is the industry’s largest industry, agriculture is still the island’s largest employer, and in particular the cultivation of rice. The plants in smaller quantities of fruit, vegetables and other types of crops and of subsistence.  A large number of Balinese are also fishermen. Bali is also famous for its craftsmen who produce Ikat and batik fabric and clothing industry, sculptures in wood, stone sculptures and silver.

The currency unit is like rupiah cts. USD1, is roughly equal cts. 9,100, -. The foreign currency can be converted in banks and money changers.

Banking Hours
Most states: Monday – Friday: 8.00 am to 5.00pm. Saturday and Sunday: Closed (selected banks and agencies are open on Saturday).

Post Offices
Open from 8.00 am to 5.00pm daily except Saturdays open from 8.00 am to 1.00pm, Sundays and public holidays.

Six hours ahead of GMT and 15 hours in advance of U.S. Pacific Standard Time.

The voltage is 220 – 240 volts AC at 50 cycles per second.
Standard 3-pin square, Fact Sheets and sockets.

Weights and Measures
Indonesia to the metric system in size and weight.

Local calls can be made public telephones with coins or prepaid card. International application may be from the public phones in the card or telephone systems in each office of Telkom.

Bali has a variety of accommodations at reasonable prices. Five stars, midrange, budget hotels, hostels, beach chalets and apartments in part-time, that some of the types of accommodation available. Managed by the private sector motor homes are also for rent.

Bali at a glance

Bali is the inspiration. The Indonesian archipelago, made up of about 13000 islands, lies on the equator. The islands have rich tropical fauna and a unique variety of cultures. Bali, as a province within the archipelago, with its population of 3 million, of which a large part of the Hindu religion, has an important uniqueness of cultures in the archipelago.

From ancient times to the colonization of other islands in the archipelago has become business hotel, Bali has been specially developed to travellers retirement. Bali saves the most beautiful landscapes, has inspired his people to take care of their natural resources. Although the other islands similar functionality ecology, the harmonious relationship between nature, culture and human activities in Bali has a very special place. This feature of Bali attracted much attention of artists, culture, and travelers from around the world. If the culture of Bali is in contact with other cultures of other countries and islands, in particular during the Dutch colonial caught, the heart of the connoisseur of Eastern culture.

The uniqueness of nature in Bali, people and culture, the foreigners to choose Bali as their holiday destination. By the middle of the years 1960, and the first operations of Bali Beach Hotel and the boom of tourism, are in Bali, a key in the summer freshness, not only in Indonesia but also throughout Asia. The shift of tourism in Bali has contributed to the growth of the economy, while his ritual, the life and culture has become more important-the sights. Bali cultures are closely linked, making Bali a miracle without end for the tourists.

Throughout its history, in Bali has uences influences of foreign cultures. This could lead to the demise of their own culture, if not the challenge of a mind. The changes in the attitude of the Balinese the environment were felt by the people who came to love the island, particularly foreign, and without doubt sooner or later reduced. Then fi end, to find Balinese, the value of efforts to ensure that the wisdom of life to the global advances in technology, ensure the protection of its taksu (call mental).

The story says that Bali was the fi-nal of crystallization and development in Java ourishing the ancient culture of Majapahit. The seamless integration between the local traditions of Bali with the culture of Java Majapahit, with its nuances Hindu, gave the Hindu culture in Bali, which is unique in itself. In view of its position in the middle of the islands are spread from east to west, in Bali, with its unique culture, is often referred to as Nusa Nusa ten or “island within a mile Islands”. Although Bali is now the image that the potential for investment objective is still an appeal to the spirit of enlightenment and a source of inspiration for all.